Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BED4 Day #10: Mythology

When I was younger, I was obsessed about Mythology stories. It didn't help that I read book series revolved around Mythology (Daughters of the Moon by Lynn Ewing and T*Witches by H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld).

I'm not quite sure which story was my favorite. There are so many, ranging from: Medusa; Hercules; Zeus and Hera; Aphrodite; Apollo and Artemis; Hades and Persephone; Cupid; etc.

Today there are a lot of young adult novels being published that are a rewrite of Mythology stories. I've done one review of Hades and Persephone in the novel, Radiant Darkness.

I would have to say that the most well known Mythology story that I know is Hercules, because of the movie. But my favorite story is Apollo and Artemis.

Do you have a favorite Mythology story? Or am I the only nerd here? haha

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