Friday, April 20, 2012

Bleed by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Nicole: Pinning for a boy is one thing. Pinning for her best friend's boyfriend? Bad idea. But even worse: acting out those feelings and betraying a friendship... What has Nicole done?

Maria: Maria's not sure who her true friends are. So to figure out who's really a true friend to Maria, she tests them. Only her true friends would pass... Right?

Kelly: Kelly has a secret admirer via letters. He's been in prison, but Kelly knows he is innocent of his crime. After 5 years of writing letters, Kelly meets him. But will her fantasy live up to her expectations?

Derik: Derik can get any girl he wants, except the girl he can't seem to talk to. Will he find the courage to finally meet the girl of his infatuation?

Sadie: Home is rough for Sadie. Her mom keeps saying she's overweight, whereas her sisters are perfectly shape. Because of this, Sadie is not allowed to eat snacks and has to weigh herself every week. Will Sadie give in to temptation when left alone in the house?

Robbie: Robbie just got out of prison for murdering his last girlfriend. He's been anxiously waiting to meet Kelly, but things don't go the way he foresaw. All he wants is true love, and will do anything to get it...

Mearl: After moving around to various town, Mearl was told to come to Salem because that is where her biological family used to live. Only, she doesn't know the family name. Will she ever figure out who she really is?

Ginger: Even though Ginger is skinny, a ballet dancer, and has friends, she's still picked on by the older girls in school. In order to get even, Ginger digs up dirt about the most popular girl to ruin her reputation. But will Ginger go too far?

Joy: Joy hates boys. She's always being picked on or used, so now she's going to get revenge. But when her plans falls through, Joy will be shocked at the outcome of saying something through anger.

Sean: Confused about his feelings between two girls, Sean struggles to figure out who is the right one for him. The longer he hangs out with one, the more right it feels. Will Sean pick the right girl?

10 people whose lives are about to change. All in one summer day.

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was an interesting book. It wasn't what I thought it was at first, so it definitely surprised me. There are 10 main characters, not all of them relating to each other, who all have some major event happening during one day.

The reader goes from one character to another, reading each of their stories, which miraculously intertwine with the other characters.

There wasn't a main plot that had to be fixed during this novel. It was just one day that changed the rest of their lives, finding new love, losing a fantasy, making new friends, destroying other friendships.

I'm not sure if I would recommend this book to everyone. I would say older teens could read this, with the content.

It's an easy read, great writing, and a good overall moral to the story. Readers will have their favorite character that they follow and will be wanting more by the end of the book.

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