Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BED4 Day #3: Indigo Skye

In this novel (which is actually titled The Fortunes of Indigo Skye but I was just too lazy to put that in the title), Indigo gets a waitress's ultimate wish - an amazing 2.5 million dollar tip which means she can retire for a little while.

So, of course, I'm going to talk about what I would do if I were in Indigo's shoes and how I could spend 2.5 million dollars. (No, not to the cent, but things I've always wanted/wanted to do/need to do/etc.)

  • Pay off my student loans.
  • Upgrade my vehicle for a newer one.
  • Help my parents with loans/bills that I haven't been able to do since I was poor.
  • Get a new floor in my parents kitchen.
  • Build a garage for my parents' cars. 

And if I had a job and lived on my own when this happened:
  • Get a house instead of an apartment that I know I'd be living in. 
  • Purchase any appliances or electronics that I would need.
  • Pay ahead on bills just because I could.

That probably would cover a small portion of the 2.5 million dollars, but they are all essentials. After that, I would look into programs and organizations that give books to locations in need. I love reading and want to help others that aren't able to access books to have that opportunity as well. 

There are probably more things I could spend the money on, but my brain isn't working very well right now so I'll leave it at this. 

What would you spend 2.5 million dollars on?


  1. I'd pay of debts for myself and my friends. I would probably also buy a house, endow a new librarian position at the library, create a scholarship at the school, buy my parents out of their house so they could move wherever they want in their retirement. And then spread the rest out to friends, Cornell, and UD. :)

  2. You can have a building named after you at UD! Change it up from Myers and add Canovan to the campus :)