Monday, April 2, 2012

BED4 Day #2: Ruby Red

After Gwen discovers she can time-travel and meets with a member of the "Order", they play a game of sorts where they can ask one another questions. One of the questions Mr. George asks Gwen was:

"If you could choose a time, when would you most like to travel back to?" (pg. 136)

Here would be my response and reasoning:

Since I can't travel back during my lifetime and when Gwen did travel back, it was from the exact spot she was standing during present time, I'm going to change the rules a bit and pick a different location.

Also, I would say back to the dinosaur age, but I've seen Jurassic Park and I'm not sure if I would be as smart as Dr. Alan Grant, so I'll have to pick somewhere else.

But honestly, I can't say that I would travel back to a different time. I like wearing jeans rather than corsets and dresses. I like working rather than puttering around all day waiting for the men to get off of work. I hate dancing, which is a requirement in the old London days.

Maybe I would go back to when Native Americans were the main race in the U.S. - before the War that is. I'm part Native American so that would be interesting to see how they lived. And I would go South since that was where the Cherokee's lived - that's my "tribe" that I'm part of.

I wouldn't know what they were saying and would probably be in trouble because I'm pale, but that might be a good time to time travel and get to know my ancestry.

Otherwise, I'm not quite sure where I would go or if I would want to be stuck in a time where I was unfamiliar with the events and, possibly, the language.

Where would you time travel to?

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