Friday, April 6, 2012

Upgrades on the blog

I've done a few upgrades on my blog! Actually, there's only 2 new things, but I think it will be helpful for everyone to find posts that I've wrote in the past. Here are the two things:

  1. Search box! I've been practicing with it and I believe it works. You can now search for a title or author that you've heard of and want to see if I've done a review of it yet or not. 
  2. Labels! I went through all of my posts (which took some time, I tell ya) and labeled all of my blog posts with the author, genre, and main theme. So if you're looking for "Contemporary", you can click on that link and all of the blogs I've listed as Contemporary will come up. That way if you don't like Supernatural stories, you don't have to go through them, and etc. 
I hope these help you to find what you are searching for, and please let me know if something doesn't work so I can try to use my non-technology brain to fix it :)

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