Sunday, April 22, 2012

BED4 Day #22: A Slight Addiction

I have an account on Sidereel, where you can follow TV shows and it will give you a calender of the week with all of the shows that you watch, what time, day and station they are on.

Well, Sidereel also lets you see old TV shows, some that were cancelled or concluded. For all of the shows available on Sidereel, links are available for old episodes. Some I'm able to watch, some I'm not depending on what I decide to download (which isn't a lot).

So, with that in mind, I've gotten a new addiction: TV shows. It started off small... Shows that I used to watch in high school but stopped watching in college. I wanted to find out the ending so I watched all of the seasons.

No biggie.

Except I can't seem to stop watching shows. I mean, I watched all of One Tree Hill, which was 9 seasons long! And Supernatural, I caught up to for their 7th season.

(The reason I'm posting about this is because I've started a new show... Smallville... Which ended up being 10 seasons long... I'll be busy on my laptop for awhile getting through these episodes!)

Now while my main addiction is books, this is coming to a close second. I've started to record all of the TV shows I've started/finished online through Sidereel on a board I created using Pinterest. Here's the board if you're curious to see what I've watched all together: TV Show Obsessions.

It's like the Pringles saying: "Once you pop, you just can't stop". Only, for me, it's "Once you click, you just can't quit!"

I guess I could have worse addictions than reading books and watching finished TV shows!

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