Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BED4 Day #4: Someone Else's Life

The novel, Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale was very powerful to me. It got me thinking about a lot of real life questions and a lot of hard-decision moments. I have not had to make hard-decision moments - not like Rosie did in this novel.

There were numerous subjects I could have chose from this book, but the question I keep asking myself is:

"If I found out I had a 50% chance of having Huntington's Disease, would I take the test to see if I'm positive or negative?"

Some might answer this quickly, with either a yes or a no. But many debate with others and with theirselves if they want to really know they will show signs of Huntington's Disease.

It will also change future decisions if the patient does take the test and found out that they do have HD. They might not have children, so they won't make their child go through this later in their lives. They might not marry, so they won't make their husbands take care of them when the symptoms start.

But it could be a relief to the patient if they take the test and found out they do not have HD.

I've been thinking about this question toward myself throughout this whole novel.

For me, personally, I think I would take it to find out if I did or didn't have it. Some say, "things are left to be unknown", which is very true. But I would always ask and think about whether I did or didn't have it.

If I found out, I could plan ahead. I would be prepared for all things possible. Sure, that might make some people wonder and ask themselves questions, but for me, I would know once and for all what was going to happen.

**Also, I want to state that if anyone reading this does have a friend or family member with HD, I'm sorry for the sensitive subject. All of the content in this blog is just my thoughts and reflections of what I would decide, not what everyone should do in this situation.

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